Having a clean and well-maintained parking area or storefront is critical to drawing customers to you business or commercial location.  The first thing potential patrons will see is your parking area and entrance and an unmaintained look outside will give them an unfavorable impression about what to expect inside.  BringRead More →

Tired of raking endless piles of leaves or cleaning up the sticks and limbs that never seem to stop falling? Cash Lawn Maintenance can remove the unwanted debris that keeps your lawn and landscape from looking its best! Specific services are offered to remove unwanted growth, dead plants, leaves, landscapeRead More →

At Cash Lawn Maintenance, our focus is on the details!  The finishing touches applied to your landscape make the difference between your property appearing boring or BRILLIANT! One of the most effective and visible means of enhancing the appearance of your landscape is by adding color through the use ofRead More →

Cash Lawn Maintenance can enhance the appearance of your bare or overgrown landscape beds by removing weeds and debris and adding a ground-cover such as mulch, pine needles, straw or stone. Beyond providing a finished and organized appearance to your landscape, pine needles and mulch coverings reduce evaporation and helpRead More →

Keeping your landscape beds free of sticks, weeds, leaves, shrubbery trimmings and other debris can be a tedious undertaking.  When you task Cash Lawn Maintenance with maintaining your landscape beds you can be assured that the only things in them will be the shrubbery, flowers, and plants you want toRead More →

Adding a retaining wall by Cash Lawn Maintenance to your landscape is an ideal way to define your landscaping beds from the rest of your lawn.  Adding a retaining wall that matches other elements of your home and landscape will also promote continuity throughout your entire property and provide aRead More →

Just as your lawn requires certain nutrients and fertilizers to look its best, the other plants, shrubberies and ornamentals within your landscape require the proper nutrition as well.  Cash Lawn Maintenance follows the same process we use to take soil samples and obtain an analysis of your turf’s nutrient levelsRead More →

Cash Lawn Maintenance understands that pruning and shaping your shrubbery and ornamental trees is an important aspect of maintaining a well kept appearance within your landscape.  There are many reasons to trim shrubbery besides purely aesthetic purposes. Pruning is used to remove diseased or damaged branches, to maintain to correctRead More →

Selecting the proper trees and shrubs for your landscape can drastically improve the appearance of your entire property. Cash Lawn Maintenance will meet with you and take you through the process of selecting the proper shrubbery or ornamental tree to add to your landscape based on several factors such asRead More →

Ensuring that your soil has the needed nutrients and correct pH balance is critical to growing  healthy, lush, and green turf grass.  Cash Lawn Maintenance will take several samples of your soil and test them to provide an analysis of your soil’s pH level and what nutrients your soil contains. Read More →