Lawn and Plant Fertilization in and around Columbia SC


Fertilizing your turf is an essential component in achieving a hearty, thick, deep green lawn. After obtaining a soil sample, Cash Lawn Maintenance will have a detailed analysis of what nutrients and elements are not present at optimal levels in your lawn.

Applying the correct type and amount of fertilizers to your specific type of turf can turn your struggling grass into a lush, healthy, beautiful lawn that you can be proud of. At Cash Lawn Maintenance, we use only the highest quality fertilizer products to feed your hungry turf, products which are far superior to the standard fertilizers you will find at you local home repair center.

Depending on the type of turf being treated and the desired result, Cash Lawn Maintenance has fertilization schedules ranging from one to five treatments throughout the year to ensure that your lawn always has the proper nutrients to keep it green and healthy.Your grass has to compete with other plants and weeds for the available nutrients in your soil, which will cause it stress and prevent your lawn from achieving its most appealing appearance.

Let Cash Lawn Maintenance keep your turf well-fed and stress-free with one of our fertilization programs and finally give you the lawn your home deserves.

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