Landscape Bed Maintenance

Keeping your landscape beds free of sticks, weeds, leaves, shrubbery trimmings and other debris can be a tedious undertaking.  When you task Cash Lawn Maintenance with maintaining your landscape beds you can be assured that the only things in them will be the shrubbery, flowers, and plants you want to see.

Landscape bed maintenance service is offered on an as-deeded basis or can be combined with our full service mowing services to ensure your lawn and landscape always looks its best.

Landscape beds that are left unattended will gather leaves and other yard debris as well as provide an environment for weeds and other undesirable plants to grow, taking away from the neat and clean appearance of your landscape.  In addition to cleaning out your beds and keeping them weed-free, Cash Lawn Maintenance can freshen the appearance of your landscape beds with several varieties of mulch and pine needles to keep up the tidy and well-kept appearance of your landscape.

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