Retaining Wall and Landscape Bed Installation

Adding a retaining wall by Cash Lawn Maintenance to your landscape is an ideal way to define your landscaping beds from the rest of your lawn.  Adding a retaining wall that matches other elements of your home and landscape will also promote continuity throughout your entire property and provide a finished, uniform appearance.

Retaining walls are constructed to hold back soil and plants, help prevent erosion, and promote proper drainage of your landscape beds.  Cash Lawn Maintenance can have retaining walls constructed of a variety of materials including bricks to match your home, natural dry stack stones, and a variety of wood and landscape timbers.

Landscape beds can be strategically placed within your landscape to provide areas for desired shrubbery and flowers and can also be used to cover certain parts of your property that are currently overgrown or unmaintained.  Landscape beds can even bring a beautiful appearance to areas or your property that are not well suited to growing turf grass.

Cash Lawn Maintenance can design landscape beds in any size or shape to suit your desires and are filled with soil, nutrients,  and soil amendment materials that will give your plants the environment they need to grow healthy, strong, and beautiful to further enhance the appearance of your landscape!

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