Shrubbery and Ornamental Tree Planting

Selecting the proper trees and shrubs for your landscape can drastically improve the appearance of your entire property. Cash Lawn Maintenance will meet with you and take you through the process of selecting the proper shrubbery or ornamental tree to add to your landscape based on several factors such as location within your landscape, amount of sunlight received, soil conditions, and most importantly the desired appearance and size you want from the new planting.  Unhealthy and unappealing shrubs can also be replaced with a variety that more suitably fits your landscape New shrubbery or ornamentals will be selected to provides the benefits that you are looking for, such as flowering shrubbery or ornamentals, hedges and shrubbery used to create privacy, or to provide a new feel to your landscape by adding or replacing your existing plantings to provide a dramatic new appearance.

Cash Lawn Maintenance understands that successful ornamental tree and shrubbery planting requires thorough planning, careful plant selection, and proper care taken during planting to ensure your new ornamentals and shrubbery are given the most beneficial environment in which they can thrive and grow full and beautiful.  Cash Lawn Maintenance will ensure that even after the initial plantings are in place, they receive the proper nutrition and maintenance they require to grow strong and healthy within your landscape.

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