Shrubbery and Ornamental Tree Pruning and Shaping

Cash Lawn Maintenance understands that pruning and shaping your shrubbery and ornamental trees is an important aspect of maintaining a well kept appearance within your landscape.  There are many reasons to trim shrubbery besides purely aesthetic purposes.

Pruning is used to remove diseased or damaged branches, to maintain to correct size and height or the shrubbery or ornamentals, and pruning also allows new growth to come through and provide a full and healthy appearance to your shrubbery. Cash Lawn Maintenance prunes plants at different times of the year depending on the specific type of shrubbery or ornamental being pruned as well as the desired appearance.

Shrubbery can be shaped to provide a uniformed look throughout your landscape as well as provide a clean hedge to create privacy within your property.

Pruning a flowering plant at the wrong time can have detrimental effects on its health and flower bud production and will limit your shrubbery or ormamentals ability to grow full and healthy within your landscape.

Take the guesswork out of shrubbery and ornamental trimming and forget the hassle of cleaning up large amounts of clippings from your landscaped beds.  Cash Lawn Maintenance will prune or shape the plants within your landscape to a provide an organized, uniform look and remove the clippings from your lawn.  Applying a fresh layer of mulch or straw material within your landscape beds after a pruning is the final step to creating a tidy and well maintained appearance, and when you contact Cash Lawn Maintenance to prune or shape your shrubbery and ornamentals you can achieve that beautiful appearance without the hassle!

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