Shrubbery, Flower, and Ornamental Tree Feeding

Just as your lawn requires certain nutrients and fertilizers to look its best, the other plants, shrubberies and ornamentals within your landscape require the proper nutrition as well.  Cash Lawn Maintenance follows the same process we use to take soil samples and obtain an analysis of your turf’s nutrient levels to check the nutrient levels that the other plants on your property are receiving.  After a soil analysis has been performed, Cash Lawn Maintenance uses that information to adjust the pH levels and levels of nutrients in your landscape’s soil to provide the most healthy growing environment for all of your plants, shrubbery, flowers, and ornamental trees.

Ensuring that flowering plants and shrubberies receive the proper nutrition can increase the number of flowering buds you see on your plants, the size of the flowers, and also increase the vividness in the colors of the flowering plants within your landscape.  Cash Lawn Maintenance will ensure that your plants receive the proper type and amount of nutrients and fertilizers to produce a bright, eye-catching display that can make your flowering plants the centerpiece of your landscape.

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