Turf Overseeding

Depending on the specific type of turf in your lawn, you may experience bare and patchy spots after the cold winter.  Cash Lawn Maintenance can repair these bare spots by renovating the soil in certain areas and overseeding with new grass seed.  Overseeding is also used to help thicken a lawn that has experienced decline in the turf.  The most common types of grasses in South Carolina are Centipede, St. Augustine, and Zoysia grass.  While thin spots in St. Augustine are best repaired with plugs or sod, Centipede and Zoysia lawns can be entirely or partially overseeded to provide a more full, dense lawn and help to choke out weeds and invasive grasses from invading your lawn.

Cash Lawn Maintenance will use a soil analysis to identify the deficiencies that have led to thin or bare areas in the turf and develop a specific plan of action to repair these spots using the appropriate treatment for your type of turf.  If you are tired of looking at that one bare spot in your turf that is affecting the otherwise beautiful appearance of your lawn, call Cash Lawn Maintenance to discuss your options to bring your turf up to its fullest potential!

Overseeding a southern lawn with a cool season type of grass such as Annual Ryegrass or Winter Ryegrass can provide your lawn with a bright green color throughout the winter. it is not recommended to overseed Centipede with Ryegrass as the Centipede will have to compete with the Ryegrass as it comes out of dormancy in the spring, resulting in stress and potential damage to your turf throughout the spring and summer months.  Contact Cash Lawn Maintenance to learn more about overseeding your turf today!

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